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 Betreff des Beitrags: BAHN 3.88r1b - Some bug fixes
BeitragVerfasst: Sonntag 17. August 2014, 13:38 

Registriert: Sonntag 16. März 2003, 15:25
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Here is a corrected exe file that should solve some problems (in details see below): http://www.jbss.de/tmpdata/b388r1b.zip

The Zip archive contains an exe file "b388r1b.exe" only. You can copy it to the same place where "b388r1.exe" is found and use it instead of the old .exe file. The program is time stamped of 2014-05-31 but is newer.

Data to test the correct download:
 File         Length (bytes)     MD5 Hash
b388r1b.zip      716 141     0fe553235421b0dac50b7a75d600f8ab
b388r1b.exe    1 754 624     b17a168391356bad97287a42f245d608

The most serious problem refers to any route lists, e.g. at junction turnouts, but also signal system elements, timing points and so on. It may occur if the list contains a condition of train numbers that does not define an interval but only a single value, and this entry is the last in the list. For instance "1(n=12)" or "*(n=12)", but not "1(n=12-15)".
On saving the layout file and opening it again later, the entry can get lost or it can get wrong data, causing to get lost on saving the next time.

Further, some more things have been fixed:
  • In the list of current requests for an itinerary you can select and delete a request.
    However, sometimes there will be removed a false entry instead of the selected one.
  • To enter nonsense data as depot name may lead to a nonsense error message
  • Some destinations cause an error when given as condition (d="...") in a route list, e.g. "Hennef (Sieg)"
  • On editing of switching contacts there can remain data of the previously edited signal system object
  • Trains going off-duty as non-revenue trip serve some timing points as a stopping point
  • On editing of branching turnouts, sometimes BAHN tells about "overlapping conditions" although it is wrong (especially if a destination condition d="..." is involved)
  • Timing points sometimes request the wrong or no itinerary, if the option "turn back" is used
  • On passing a combined signal in aspect "yellow/caution" the v_max speed set by the distant signal before will not be cleared, if the new distant signal refers to a stop signal that is not valid for the train (rare situation, also possible in 3.87 and 4.00beta)
  • In the same case the v_max will not be set for an itinerary beginning here (i.e. the combined signal is start signal of the itinerary and it is valid for the train, but it displays caution/yellow and the distant signal refers to a stop signal that is not valid for this train (rare situation)

Further, Copy/Paste of partial layouts tries to use the original element names for some element types (signal system elements, timing points, data change points).

Jan B.

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