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First official release!

http://www.jbss-bahnarchiv.de/filebase/ ... 74ab35a46a

All regional and local trains are up and running except for northern Jutland. Most long distance InterCity services are still to be made, it can't be postponed much longer :think: Description taken from the download page:
Railway network of Denmark on a random weekday in March 2018. When done, this will show all trains as close to reality as possible - passenger, freight, and non-revenue. Currently a work in progress, but it should be fairly stable. See attached images for progress maps and stations. Currently around 65% done.
Trains have a route and a train number. The route (R15, RA54, IC8) is used to determine routing and stopping patterns. The train number (2508, 5454, 808) is used for detailed routing at termini and for stopping pattern deviations. All trains change train numbers automatically, and will park themselves overnight. Included are also special non-revenue positioning trains, which have a route code starting with M- (M-KH, M-VG, M-STR). The following two or three letters denote the destination, making it easy to group them together.
Timing points are used extensively throughout, with late departures disabled. It runs like clockwork.
Train lengths vary throughout the day on some routes, see R41, R43 and R44 for good examples, or IC8 in Odense for in-service coupling and decoupling. In the future, many more coupling operations will happen - as in real life - in Fredericia and Århus with IC1 and L01 services (currently not implemented).
Signals are used for safeguarding, but they are not used as in real life. Almost exclusively used on single-track lines to avoid collisions. In the future they will (maybe!) be included to reflect real life signal usage, together with itineraries. Maybe.

Kind regards - Matias
Trying to build Denmark 2018 in BAHN

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